The Company

AMBA Energy Limited was incorporated in 2010 in Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies.  In the latter part of 2011, the business became operationalized, providing services in customized design and building of DC Power distribution systems for telecommunications and data centre applications, electrical systems installation, consulting in data centre and network operating centre power and cooling.  The company leverages upon innovation, creativity, agility in response, and best practices to create a customer focused experience where the customer’s needs and wants are managed from one point of accountability, AMBA Energy Limited.  Our market is not limited to Trinidad and Tobago, but the wider Caribbean.  In order to have access to the best in class human resources for the required competence, AMBA Energy Limited have available a wide network of skill sets available to draw upon, throughout the Caribbean.  These best in class resources are well trained, have many years of experience in their field, and operate at an above average level of professionalism. This network of professionals are contracted when the need for their specialist services arise.  This services model in addition to AMBA Energy own internal staff offers significant savings to the customer, while providing best practices. 

Our Goals
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To make each client feel like the only client.
  • To  promote an inclusive workplace and help the community.

Company History

AMBA Energy Limited traces its beginnings with involvement with DEC, Compaq, Hp product consulting and sales in computing servers and storage; and Emerson Network Power with its brand Liebert for power systems and Precision Environmental Cooling for Data Centres.  We now represent the Delta brand of UPS, Rectifiers, Inverters, Power Plants and energy systems. Our experience in alternative energy solutions include Hydrogen Fuel Cell Systems from ReliOn and Idatech , Solar Hot Water Heating, Solar PV Power design, install, and support (grid interactive and off grid), and Wind energy systems from Honeywell and Urban Green Energy. Our residential line of products includes Solar Systems and very reliable automatic backup power generators from Briggs and Stratton, the leader in small engine technology.  The Briggs and Stratton backup power generators use fuels such as LPG/Natural Gas, are aluminium all weather design, can be remotely monitored and are amongst the quietest of generators available. Our Diesel Line of power generators are from FG Wislon.