Cooling for Datacentres, Server Rooms, Medical and Electronic Equipment

Server rooms and Date Centres are often the largest consumer of power for an organisation. Most of the power consumed by the equipment is converted to heat, which needs to be removed from the room to have the equipment functioning properly, with low failure rates.  Such systems are sensitive to static electricity which is encouraged by low humidity.  High humidity results in moisture condensation and dust formation on circuit boards which results in cross conduction of electricity and eventual systems failure.  Humidity must be managed to a level close to 50% RH.  Temperature and air flow must also be managed tightly, and consistently.  Comfort cooling systems which are great for general purpose cooling for humans are not appropriate for cooling of Data Centres of Server rooms because humidity, airflow or tight temperature tolerances cannot be achieved.  In addition to, Comfort cooling systems are not designed for 24/7/365 running, but electronic equipment requires constant cooling.

 AMBA Energy Limited in conjunction with its suppliers provide several solutions for equipment cooling.  There are several option choices, such as down flow (for raised floor applications), up-flow, in-row, ceiling mount, wall mount and free standing, condenser and evaporator integrated formats.  There is a product solution for every application you have.  We even provide units which can be used in explosive gas environments. This unit is mounted in an explosion proof housing and is regularly used in the offshore petrochemical industry.  Precision Cooling Systems also require knowledge of the relationships between air-flow, temperature and humidity; while understanding how to calculate cooling load requirements. This understanding allows for the proper tuning of the systems to get the most out of it, consistently and reliably.  AMBA Energy Limited provides this consulting service as well as either a separate service or part of a more comprehensive solution including design, supply, service and support.