UPS and Mission Critical Systems from Delta Powersolutions

We carry UPS for outdoor applications, in hot climates where no cooling is available. Mounting types are pole, wall, or pad.  There is a UPS for every application you have. 

Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) provide power to your systems while utility power is unavailable.  This allows for your system to continue being productive.  UPS can deliver power for several seconds to many hours, as short or as long as you wish.  In most cases, the UPS is only required to deliver power until the backup power generator is started and standby power becomes available.

For smaller capacity UPS, up to approximately 2kVA, Line Interactive UPS are available and is at a lower price than the True-Online or Double Conversion UPS types which offer a zero “switching over” time.  Double Conversion or True-online UPS are available from approximately 1.5kVA to MVA capacity.  AMBA Energy Limited offers very high quality and affordable UPS in several formats to suite every application you have.  UPS are available in rack mounted format, tower format, self-supporting cabinet style and modular format.  Modular UPS allow for your UPS to grow in size as your operational requirements grow over the years.  In addition our UPS can be paralleled to offer a much larger capacity unit with redundancy.  Please see the link below for detailed product information.

UPS Power for Mission Critical Systems