Solar Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor LED and Induction Lighting

Many commercial customers require lighting for their parking lots, garages, security, premises, safety or special needs like tower lighting.  Traditional lighting used AC power and filament based lamps which convert most of their power to heat and a fraction of the power to light.  This is an expensive and inefficient process, but choices were limited in the past.  Today the technology is affordable and its increased efficiency results in more reliable systems at lower power consumption.  This results in a reduction in your energy bill.

AMBA Energy Limited offers specialist LED lighting systems for long lasting service, low maintenance, high reliability, and lower cost. Some of our applications include safety lighting for telecommunications towers, TV and Radio antenna towers. These lighting systems have redundant controllers and the ability to transmit an alert when there is a lamp or system failure.  You can remotely log into these systems and troubleshoot any systems problems, before sending a crew out to the site.

We have a solution for every site specific lighting need.