Anti-theft Copper Clad Steel and Aluminum Cables for DC/AC Power

The global metal recycling industry has created a lucrative market for metals.  Copper garners a high resale value which often times encourages thefts of electrical cable.  It is not uncommon for live electrical wires and grounding bonds to be cut off and stolen and sold to recycling dealers.  To mitigate against this loss of electrical cables and loss of power or grounding cables which offer protection for both the equipment and personnel, manufacturers are producing special copper clad cables.  These cables are steel core with copper outer surfaces.  Tests indicate the cables have as-good or in some cases better conductivity than the traditional cables which often enough use impure Copper to keep the cost of the cable low.  These clad cables have very low resale value, and thus discourages thefts.  The electrical and safety integrity of your site remains intact as thefts are discouraged.  AMBA Energy Limited supplies these Copper or Aluminium clad cables for applications wherever cable thefts occur or have the potential to occur.