Instant Screw Foundation and Earth Stabilization Systems

Foundation systems for electrical poles, street lighting poles, cellular towers, platform systems traditionally take several days to complete. Earth has the be removed, steel rebar inserted, concrete poured and allowed to set and cure before load bearing is possible.  In addition there is a negative impact on the environment as earth is removed and piled to be disposed.  The surroundings are never left in the same pristine way as one might have wished. 

There is a solution which leaves the environment undisturbed, requires no curing time for structural load bearing, can be used for foundation and soil stabilization, electric light pole and utilities pole, transformer pads, Solar systems installation, guy wires and only requires one site visit.  All installation can be done in a “factory production” work flow.  There is no need to revisit the site.  The complete installation can be done in one day, with full load bearing.

AMBA Energy Limited with AB Chance Foundation Systems, a Hubble Company provides Helical Screw Pile foundations systems.  Earth anchors are screwed into the soil using traditional equipment such as an auger truck, digger, skid steer, back hoe with a hydraulic torque head.  Utility poles, street lighting poles, cellular and other towers are then bolted on to the earth anchors and are ready for load bearing.  This results in the fastest and least costing solution for rapid deployments of any foundation systems.