Kill Airborne Viruses and Bacteria at the Office or Home

Indoor Air Quality has become critical for health.  Many offices, homes or public gathering spaces such as restaurants, clubs, and hotels do not have adequate fresh air ventilation.  Bacteria, mold, viruses, algae can develop in such indoor Environments and become infectious to people.  Traditional means of cleaning the air has been through the use of air filtration using membrane filters.  These filters require frequent replacements, are costly and become ineffective, as some viruses, bacteria and other airborne organisms pass through the filters or even grow on the surfaces.  AMBA Energy Limited provides a solution which sanitizes the air up to 99.99%, eliminating even the deadly SARS and Anthrax organisms.  This system does not require expensive HEPA filters or other consumable change out.  It uses a patented modulated frequency UV beam which kills organisms as they pass through. The unit has a pass-through fan which circulates the air from the room through itself and sanitizes it.  It is noise free, unobtrusive, and aesthetic, mounts easily on any wall or surface.  This unit is ideal for any place where there are humans, reception areas of offices, restaurants, airports, stores, government offices and many more.

Home, Office, Public Places Virus and Bacteria Destruction 99.99%