UPS Power for Every Application

Solution Sets: Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean.

  1. Energy Management, Energy Audits
  2. Remote Battery Monitoring
  3. Battery Systems (Lead acid, AGM, Deep Cycle, Lithium Ion, Metal Hydride, Nickel Cadmium)
  4. Remote Monitoring of Equipment
  5. Solar: Photovoltaic, Concentrated PV, Solar Hot Water
  6. Instant Earth Screw Foundation Systems
  7. Managed Lighting Systems – LED, Occupancy Sensing, Energy Saving, Induction Lamps
  8. DC Lighting Systems for outdoors, indoors and towers (remotely managed)
  9. Solar Street Lighting, Outdoor Lighting
  10. Solar and Natural Gas Air Conditioning systems for offices or Data Centres
  11. Cooling for Server Rooms, Data Centres, Medical Facilities, Computers and Electronics
  12. Fuel Cell power systems
  13. DC/AC standby and prime Power Generators with Automatic Transfer Switches (LPG/Natural Gas Fuel, Diesel), FG Wilson Generator, Briggs and Stratton Generator
  14. UPS Systems, Delta, Data Centre Infrastructure Management
  15. Voltage Regulators for Homes and Offices
  16. DC Power Systems (Rectifiers, Inverters, Distribution –Power Plants)
  17. DC Power Cables - Telecommunication systems, Industrial plants
  18. Anti-theft Copper Clad Steel and Aluminium Cables for DC/AC Power
  19. Cable connectors, Trays, Conduits, Custom Made Bus and Distribution Systems
  20. 3 Point Grounding Testing
  21. Air to Surface and Subsurface Lightening Arresting Protection. TVSS
  22. Telecommunication Carrier Supplier - Panduit, Burndy, Thomas and Betts, Tyco and ADC
  23. Power Factor Correction Systems to lower Utility Billing Cost
  24. Office, Home and Restaurant Air Sterilizer, IAQ– kills 99.99% bacteria and germs; no filter to change
  25. Safety Products – for Industrial, Commercial and Telecommunications Environments