Saving Energy Cost through Power Factor Correction

Lowering energy consumption is the goal of all residential and commercial customers of the electrical utility supplier.  For 3-phase commercial customers, power factor correction is a very effective way of lowering your bill.  Most commercial and industrial AC loads are inductive.  Therefore the Current will lag the voltage.  This lagging Power Factor would require a capacitor wired in parallel to the input power to increase the power factor.  Power Factor correction does not change the amount of True or Real Power consumed by the load, but it will result in a substantial reduction in Apparent Power (KVA). The result is less current is drawn from the utility company supply.  The Utility company charges you by your Real or True Power consumed (kWh) and the Apparent Power (KVA).  You can then qualify for a different KVA consumption rate and your electric bill will be significantly lower.

AMBA Energy Limited will provide the Power Audit to determine whether your load is inductive or capacitive and what corrective measures are required.  We also provide the necessary Power Factor corrective products for your building.