Fuel Cell Hydrogen Power 

Fuel Cells typically use Hydrogen gas as the fuel.  It does not combust it, but through the use of a catalyst, there is an electro chemical reaction which converts the fuel to electricity. The by-products are water and carbon dioxide.  Since there is no combustion, the efficiency of a Fuel Cell is much higher than a standby or primary power internal combustion engine driven generator.  The result of the higher efficiency is, more fuel is converted to electricity.  This electricity is of a DC type and can be converted to AC.  With Fuel Cells there is hardly any noise or noxious exhaust fumes.  This makes Fuel Cells very environmental friendly and ideal for densely populated areas where a typical generator would produce too much noise and discomfort residences. 

Telecommunications companies, gas utilities, railroad companies and many more organisations are choosing Fuel Cells for the obvious advantages.  Data Centres, hospitals and other critical areas can utilise Fuel Cells as UPS devices since they can be located nearer to equipment resulting in less power loss, produce almost no noise, have clean exhausts and can run for very long run times.

AMBA Energy Limited with its partners offers both gaseous H2 fuel, LPG, Natural Gas or Methanol Fuel Cells.  Fuel Cells are considered to be one of the bridges in the Hydrogen Economy as the planet moves away from fossil fuels.

Whether you have a primary power or backup power requirement, Fuel Cells can meet your needs.

Fuel Cell Applications