Solar Power and Hot Water Systems

In Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean there is an abundance of natural energy from the sun.  In Trinidad and Tobago a typical day can be insolated for 5-6 hours of sunlight.  This makes the Solar photovoltaic (PV) systems very applicable for Trinidad and Tobago. The cost for these systems are constantly coming down.  The government is encouraging the use of Solar energy through tax incentives, thus making PV systems more attractive for domestic and commercial use.  AMBA Energy offers several solutions for Solar PV.  While the principles are the same for every solution, the design and layout will be different and must take into consideration, terrain, mounting location and the use of existing infrastructure.  We offer solutions for either flat or pitched roofs, monopole mounting or self-supporting mounting structures.  Car park shelters or special architectural mounting systems are also incorporated into the design.  Applications which we offer for Solar are grid tie, off grid, standby power (when utility fails).  AMBA Energy Limited can design a system to suite your application.

While Solar PV is readily available in Trinidad and Tobago, irradiated heat is also available in abundance.  To supplement solar PV which uses the sunlight to produce electricity, we also provide solutions which capture the Sun’s heat and convert it to electrical energy.  Our solution include Solar concentrators using reflectors and Fresnel systems to heat water or a heat conducting liquid which will then generate steam to produce electricity. We also use special equipment to convert this heat to provide cooling. 

Other systems we offer will include Solar hot water systems for both domestic and commercial needs.  This has significant cost savings application for home owners as 43% of your energy bill goes towards water heating.  Hot water heating is now free.AMBA Energy will design, supply, install and support any Solar PV, or thermal need which you may have.  Our suppliers are pioneers in this technology with many years of experience perfecting solutions.  We bring these years of experience and product resilience to you, so you can save the planet, and money.