Briggs and Stratton Automatic Natural Gas, LPG Fuel Generators

DC/AC standby and prime power generators with transfer switches

AMBA Energy Limited offers bi-fuel generators for standby and primary power purposes.  We carry Spark ignited generators from Briggs and Stratton using either LPG or Natural Gas as the fuel of choice, because there are no spill containment issues, the fuel does not deteriorate resulting in engine problems such as “hard starts” or low power.   There are no noxious fumes and the emissions are the “cleanest” amongst the fossil fuels.

For applications where Diesel Gensets must be used, we carry trailer and fixed mounted units from FG Wilson. Gensets can be synchronised to create a single larger capacity unit, but with the added benefit, if one generator fails, there is still the other running.  You will therefore have 50% capacity as opposed to 0%.  Dissimilar sized gensets can also be synchronised.  Our FG Wilson generators are provided with remote monitoring.

Where required, special acoustic enclosures can be provided to further attenuate sound levels.  Our gensets are automatic standby units ranging in power from 7kW to MW, residential or commercial and industrial models.  All generators are provided with Automatic Transfer Switches and installation services.

Residential automatic standby generators use LPG gas from the domestic supply cylinders at the home and are very affordable, allowing the comfort of having the entire home with power when the utility supply is no longer available.  You have the comfort of air conditioning, refrigerators, lighting, security systems and cameras, internet data and voice services still operating.  Not having these services is no longer an option for many people whose peace-of-mind, security and comfort depend upon consistent, reliable power.  This can only be guaranteed with your own automatic standby generator, where you do not have to worry about diesel or gasoline fuel running out and having to go to the fuel station to purchase and refill the generator.  Your fuel is readily available from your supply already at home, and replenished by an already well-established delivery service.

Call us to access your power requirements and advise you of the generator you should have. All installation, service and support are provided as a turn-key solution.