Energy Audits and Energy Management

In the context of what AMBA Energy Limited offers, Energy Management has everything to do with finding ways to lower your energy consumption be it at home, office, factory or other place where energy is consumed.  Lowering the consumption of energy lowers the production of Green House Gas emissions and your overall carbon footprint.  While this is the social responsibility of every person and every organisation to sustain life on the planet, it also allows you to save money on your energy bill.  Our approach towards Energy Management involves 4 steps:

  1.  Conduct an Energy Audit on your facility
    1. Identify the extent of your existing energy consumption (usually done over a short period of time of 1-2 weeks and may use special monitoring equipment )
    2. Identify ways in which Energy usage can be lowered through usage behaviour, optimal systems usage, or the use of more energy efficient systems. For example air conditioning systems, photocopiers, printers and other devices can be turned off automatically at nights or when not required to be used.  Automated management systems from AMBA Energy Limited are best suited here.
  2. Implement Energy Reduction means as identified above in (1)
  3. Measure Energy consumption over another short period of time of 1-2 weeks and determine the reduction in Energy consumption and money saved.
  4. Identify Energy reduction means which would be more feasible to implement in the future, such as the replacement of still functional equipment which are being used but not energy efficient. At this time return to step 1 and repeat the process.

Energy management offers very significant savings to individuals and corporations.  Commercial customers who have 3 phase current systems and utilise Power Factor corrective measures will qualify for billing rebates from the utility power company as there is less wastage of power by the utility company in delivering a supply to you.  AMBA Energy offers both residential and commercial customers Energy Management consulting services.